San Fernando Valley Home Infested With Dozens of Rats

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SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA — A Sherman Oaks homeowner is facing an infestation that has resulted in dozens of rodents scurrying around his home, according to a TV news report.

According to the report from Los Angeles station Fox 11, more than 100 rats were found in the home. A pest control company worker hired to rid the house of the rodents blamed the infestation on nearby homeless encampments.

“It’s unfortunate to blame it on homelessness, but with people living on the streets you have the additional trash, additional defecation, food waste and things like that,” Heather Goldfarb, a manger with Rodents Stop, told the TV station.

When encampments are cleaned up, the rats are still around and can travel up to five miles to find new digs, she explained.

To try preventing a rat infestation, experts say keep trees and shrubbery neatly trimmed and cut off the pests’ access to food, water and shelter in and around the home.

Original article: Patch Staff

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