Here’s What to Do If You Think You Have Monkeypox

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CNET: The monkeypox outbreak is now officially considered a public health emergency in the US. Monkeypox isn’t a new disease, but the fact that it’s spreading in countries where it isn’t normally found is new. What’s more, symptoms of monkeypox in this outbreak appear to be presenting a little differently. People today are getting rashes anywhere on their body, as opposed to the more “classic” rash in previous cases that started on the face and spread from there.

Do you think you could have monkeypox or might’ve been recently exposed? Take a deep breath: It’s normal to feel uneasy or uncertain, especially if your symptoms are causing you pain. But unlike the early days of COVID-19, there are already tried and true treatments and guidance for monkeypox because diseases like it aren’t totally new to us. Monkeypox is related to smallpox and is endemic to certain countries in Africa.

Here’s what the guidance says on what to do if you’re sick with or have been exposed to monkeypox.

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