4 Animals That Can Sneak In Through Your Toilet Pipes

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It sounds like a scene from a scary movie: You lift open your toilet to discover something creepy and crawly staring back at you. While it’s not common, creatures can make surprise cameos in your toilet and these horrific discoveries are occasionally videotaped and make their rounds on social media or the local news to everyone’s dismay.

As it turns out, pests can enter into your john via a few different routes, including through cracks in your plumbing. Snakes, for instance, can slither into the ventilation pipes on your roof that are connected to bathroom plumbing, according to Family Handyman, which is why it’s a good idea to have a rooftop vent hood.

Without trying to cause undue alarm (again, this is a rare occurrence), keep reading to learn about four creatures that are capable of crawling through your toilet, and how to stop them from doing so.

Read more at ABC 10 San Diego.

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